Domestic workers

  • Kate Holt / Solidarity Center
  • Federica de Medici / ILO
  • J. Aliling / ILO
  • Asian Development Bank
  • J. Aliling / ILO
  • J. Aliling / ILO
  • Marcel Crozet / ILO
  • Nguyen Viet Thanh / ILO
  • J. Aliling / ILO
Domestic work is care work, and as the world celebrates International Domestic Workers’ Day on 16 June, the anniversary of ILO Convention 189 on domestic workers, it is high time we make it decent work.
  1. How do domestic workers fare in your country?

  2. ILO launches new strategy to achieve decent work for domestic workers

  3. There is no social justice without decent work for domestic workers

  4. Podcast: Is domestic work care work?

  • Domestic workers represent 4.5 per cent of employees, and 81 per cent are in informal employment – twice the share of informal employment among employees.  More