Green jobs

Nature and work are intrinsically connected. Our lives depend on the natural environment. Our jobs and businesses depend on a healthy planet. Our future depends on a just transition to a carbon- and resource efficient economy. Climate change and environmental degradation are already disrupting millions of jobs and livelihoods. Yet countless opportunities lie ahead to boost the economy and improve the quality of working lives. ILO studies show that implementing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change could create a net gain of 18 million jobs by 2030.

  1. Keep it simple: What is a Just Transition?

  2. The Climate Action for Jobs Initiative

  3. Just Transition Policy Brief Series

  4. The ILO Just Transition Guidelines


  1. GAIN

    The Green Jobs Assessment Institutions Network

    GAIN unites research institutions and experts to analyze social and employment outcomes of greening policies, helping guide future policy making.

  2. PAGE

    The Partnership for Action on Green Economy

     PAGE brings together five UN agencies to support countries in their path towards greener and more inclusive growth.