The ILO and Ukraine

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    About the ILO in Ukraine

    Devastating war causes displacements as well as losses of employment and income

    The Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine is causing widespread internal displacement and refugee flows as well as large-scale employment and income losses. Before the war, Ukraine had already one of the fastest shrinking populations, and the war is accelerating the decline, with 7.8 million Ukrainians fleeing abroad as of September 2022.

    Preliminary assessments indicate that national income will drop drastically in 2002 - between 35 and 45 per cent. According to ILO estimates, 15 per cent of employment (equivalent to 2.4 million jobs) has been lost as compared to 2021. As the war drags on, more Ukrainians could lose their jobs and millions could be pushed into poverty, offsetting years of development efforts.

    The war made employment in Ukraine less protected, while labour legislation and its implementation was already weak before the war. Due to destruction and shutdown of enterprises, people have to turn to informal employment and subsistence agriculture. Continue reading