ILO in the Arab States

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  1. Press Release

    New guidelines for ethical reporting on labour market issues in the Arab region

    04 December 2021

    The guidelines aim to provide support to journalists at all levels who wish to cover the world of work in a fair and equitable manner.

  2. Video

    Arab Journalists connect for a more robust and human-centred approach to labour market reporting

    03 December 2021

  3. Press release

    UNICEF and ILO in partnership with the European Union launch a new national disability allowance to provide cash support to people with disabilities living in Lebanon

    02 December 2021


  1. Towards a Productive and Inclusive Path: Job Creation in the Arab Region

    This report by ESCWA and the ILO Regional Office for Arab States examines why Arab economies fail to create sufficient decent jobs. It provides guidance to policymakers, help reduce labour market deficits, especially in the formal private sector, and unlock the potential of the private sector to become a major driver for economic growth and the creation of decent employment across the region.

  2. Report - “Assessing Informality and Vulnerability among Disadvantaged Groups in Lebanon: A Survey of Lebanese, and Syrian and Palestinian Refugees”

    This study assesses the extent of informal employment and vulnerability among the most deprived Lebanese citizens, and the Syrian and Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon, through the analysis of representative survey data on employment and labour market conditions of these three population sub-groups.

  3. Impact of COVID-19 on Migrants and Refugees in the Arab Region

    This technical paper examines the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on migrants and refugees. It focuses on several relevant areas including health, income security, the economy and education.