ILO Administrative Tribunal

The Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization is the heir of the Administrative Tribunal of the League of Nations, which was competent from 1927 to 1946 to hear complaints against the Secretariat of the League of Nations and against the International Labour Office. Since 1947 the Tribunal has heard complaints from serving and former officials of the International Labour Office and of the other international organisations that have recognized its jurisdiction. It is currently open to more than 58,000 international civil servants who are serving or former officials of 58 international organisations. The Tribunal is composed of seven judges, all of different nationalities, who are appointed for a renewable period of three years. The Tribunal's case law comprises 4,400 judgments, available in English and in French. More

What's new?

  1. Judgments of the 131st Session
  2. Video recording of the delivery of judgments of the third part of 131st Session
  3. 131st Session (third part) - results, public delivery of judgments and general results of the session
  4. 131st Session (third part)
  5. Video recording of the delivery of judgments of the second part of 131st Session
  6. 131st Session (second part) - public delivery of judgments
  7. 131st Session (second part) - results
  8. Video recording of the delivery of judgments of the first part of 131st Session
  9. 131st Session (first part) - results
  10. Recognition of the Tribunal's jurisdiction by the Pacific Community (SPC)
  11. 131st Session
  12. End of the term of office of Judge Kreins
  13. Amendment to the Tribunal's Rules
  14. Filing of written submissions during the COVID-19 crisis
  15. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Director-General of the ILO has decided to introduce mandatory teleworking for all staff at ILO headquarters and restrict access to the building as of 16 March 2020. The Tribunal’s Registry is subject to these measures and will not be able to receive regular mail with hard copies of the written submissions. However, contact by email will remain operational throughout this period and the Registry will try to reply to all requests and messages.
  16. Recognition and withdrawal of the recognition of the Tribunal's jurisdiction
  17. Election of the President and Vice-President of the Tribunal
  18. On 17 June 2019 the International Labour Conference decided to renew the appointment of Judge Patrick Frydman for a term of 3 years.
  19. Amendment to the Tribunal's Rules
  20. Guide to the procedure before the Tribunal
  21. Forms for applications for interpretation, execution and review
  22. To order our last publication
  23. Publication: 90 years of contribution of the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization to the creation of international civil service law