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September 2018

  1. © Leon Neal / AFP 2018

    United Nations General Assembly, New York

    Remembering Mandela: “Let us walk the last mile together”

    24 September 2018

    The United Nations General Assembly in New York is holding a Peace Summit in honour of the centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela. In a statement to mark the occasion, the Director-General of the International Labour Organization, Guy Ryder, describes Mandela as a lasting source of inspiration in the pursuit of peace and social justice.

  2. Our impact, their voices

    I escaped child labour and can now help others

    21 September 2018

    On the eve of International Week of the Deaf we profile a deaf Zambian man who, with ILO help, escaped child labour and discrimination and built a successful career as a teacher in the US.

  3. © David Stanley 2018

    Child and forced labour

    ILO continues rigorous monitoring of Uzbekistan cotton harvest

    20 September 2018

    A statement in response to a report by Lasslett and Gstrein on the monitoring of Uzbekistan’s cotton harvest.

  4. Q&A

    Regional Meeting to discuss future of work challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean

    20 September 2018

    With almost 100 days until the ILO’s Centenary, ILO Regional Director José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs discusses future of work challenges in his region.

  5. #ILO100

    Voices from the world of work: ILO staff/Asia-Pacific

    19 September 2018

    In the first of our video voices series to mark the 100th anniversary next year of the International Labour Organization, ILO staff in the Asia-Pacific region share their thoughts on the organization, its centenary, and how it is helping to shape the future of work.

  6. Our impact, their voices

    From young informal worker to qualified hotel employee

    19 September 2018

    ILO’s support for quality apprenticeships is making decent work a reality for young people in Tanzania. Now, as part of the search for more solutions to Africa’s youth employment challenge, the global initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth is calling for research ideas.

  7. © Better Work 2018

    Our impact, their voices

    Better Work Viet Nam challenges sexual harassment across the factory floor

    14 September 2018

    Still an underreported issue in the country, the joint programme of the ILO and the International Finance Cooperation (IFC), sheds light on the nature of harassment in the workplace and ways to tackle it.

  8. Statement

    "We have seven years left to keep our commitment to the end of child labour"

    13 September 2018

    Remarks by Ms Tomoko Nishimoto, ILO Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, for Malaysia’s World Day against Child Labour 2018.

  9. ILO What Works Research Brief No. 11

    Labour market integration of immigrants

    13 September 2018

  10. Our impact, their voices

    Traditional leaders from Zimbabwe become gender activists

    12 September 2018

    An ILO Project on gender equality in Zimbabwe helped traditional leaders to understand the benefits of involving women in economic and social activities.