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May 2021

  1. World of education and work

    Educators and the changing world of education and work

    17 May 2021

    Effective lifelong learning and quality education for all is essential for a better future of work. If teachers, trainers and support workers are to fill this need they will need to master new technologies and learning techniques and receive support to deal with their expanded responsibilities. Representatives of governments, employers and workers are meeting at the ILO to discuss strategies for promoting quality learning and decent work in education.

  2. Video

    Extending social protection to the culture and creative sector

    13 May 2021

    Lockdown measures led to the closure of theatres and cinemas, and the suspension or cancellation of movie, television and music productions. Many workers in the industry lost their jobs and had no social protection to help them. A new ILO study shows that extending social protection to the culture and creative sector is possible.

  3. © UN 2021

    United Nations Global Compact

    UN leaders urge companies relying on shipping supply chains to undertake urgent measures to protect seafarers’ rights

    06 May 2021

    New due diligence tool aims to help businesses uphold their responsibility to protect human rights at sea, as new COVID variants threaten to further delay crew changes.

  4. International Labour Review - Centenary Collection (2021)

    Delving into the past – Looking to the future

    05 May 2021

    This Editorial introduces the Centenary Collection published by the International Labour Review as part of the celebration of its 100th anniversary in 2021. In particular, it provides the background and highlights the content and purpose of this virtual Collection.

  5. Our impact, their voices

    Social dialogue is a win-win in times of crisis

    05 May 2021

    Social dialogue is a key strategy for management and workers to find win-win solutions. One of the Better Work Indonesia (BWI) participating companies shows the benefits gained from social dialogues for both workers’ welfare and business continuity.

  6. © G20 2021

    G20 Tourism Ministers’ Meeting

    Protect workers and businesses in the tourism industry

    04 May 2021

    ILO Deputy Director-General, Martha Newton, called on G20 countries to take action to support the travel and tourism industry, which has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. She was speaking at a virtual G20 Tourism Ministers’ meeting on 4 May, that discussed how governments can support the sector.

  7. The future of the tourism sector

    Tourism: An opportunity to rethink the future of the industry

    04 May 2021

    Tourism has been among the hardest hit of all sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic. Women, youth, and workers in the informal economy are the most at risk from tourism sector job losses and business closures. Building back better from the COVID-19 pandemic represents an opportunity to rethink the future of the tourism sector, including how it contributes to the lives of 300 million workers worldwide.

  8. Opinion editorial

    Solidarity for safety, productivity and sustainability

    03 May 2021

    An opinion editorial by Abdul Hakim, the ILO/Japan National Project Officer, Enhancing COVID-19 Prevention at and through Workplaces, in conjunction with the commemoration of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work and the Labour Day. The opinion article was published by the Jakarta Post on 3 May.

  9. International Labour Day

    Call to redouble efforts to ensure decent work for migrant workers

    01 May 2021

    We are at a turning point. As the world looks to build back better from the global COVID-19 crisis we must redouble our efforts to ensure decent work for migrant workers in a more sustainable, equal, and resilient post-pandemic world.

April 2021

  1. International Labour Day

    Solidarity is key to our common survival and prosperity

    30 April 2021

    In a statement issued to mark May Day, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, calls on workers, employers, governments, international organizations and all who are committed to building back better, to join forces to bring in a world of work with justice and dignity for all.