Youth employment

The world is facing a worsening youth employment crisis: young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and almost 73 million youth worldwide are looking for work. The ILO has warned of a “scarred” generation of young workers facing a dangerous mix of high unemployment, increased inactivity and precarious work in developed countries, as well as persistently high working poverty in the developing world.

The ILO's programme on youth employment operates through a global network of technical teams at its headquarters in Geneva and in more than 60 offices around the world. It provides assistance to countries in developing coherent and coordinated interventions on youth employment. This integrated approach combines macro-economic policies and targeted measures which address labour demand and supply, as well as the quantity and quality of employment.


  1. Financing for Development Conference

    Skills for Sustainable Development: Connecting Youth to Labour Market

    16 July 2015

    On the first-ever commemoration of World Youth Skills Day, Aeneas Chapinga Chuma, Assistant-Director-General and Regional Director for Africa talks about how to provide skills that will enable young people to get productive employment in a changing world of work.

  2. Financing for Development

    Investing in Youth & Ensuring Decent Jobs to Harness the Demographic Dividend

    15 July 2015

    Remarks by Mr Aeneas C. Chuma ILO Regional Director for Africa at a Side on Event Investing in Youth & Ensuring Decent Jobs to Harness the Demographic Dividend on the Occasion of the First-Ever World Youth Skills Day, during the Third International Conference on Financing for Development.

  3. Financing for Development Conference

    Youth employment is on everybody's minds

    09 July 2015

    Ahead of the 13-16 July Financing for Development Conference in Addis-Ababa, Stephen Pursey, Director of the ILO Multilateral Cooperation Department talks about the challenge of high-levels of youth employment and how it can be tackled.

Key resources

  1. Youth employment crisis: ILO call for action

    In June 2012, the ILO adopted a Resolution calling for immediate, targeted and renewed action to tackle the youth employment crisis. The resolution provides a portfolio of tested measures in five areas: macro-economic policies, employability, labour market policies, youth entrepreneurship and rights.

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  1. Decent Work 4 Youth Platform

    Interactive on-line platform to engage young people and find solutions to the youth employment crisis.