Employment Policy Action Facility

The ILO’s Employment Policy Action Facility (EPAF) is a knowledge sharing and technical assistance platform, which aims at providing evidence-based, timely and relevant support to member States and social partners in developing, formulating, implementing, financing and reviewing employment policies in line with current and future challenges both at global and national levels.

EPAF videos

  1. Introducing ILO's Employment Policy Action Facility (EPAF)

  2. Présentation de l’Employment Policy Action Facility (EPAF) de l'OIT

  3. Presentación del Employment Policy Action Facility (EPAF) de la OIT

  4. Guide to using the Employment Policy Action Facility (EPAF)

  1. Employment Policy Design Lab

    Find the latest evidence, good practice, tools and support for diagnosing, formulating, implementing and evaluating national employment policies

  1. Employment Diagnostic Toolbox

    Find the latest tools, guidance, and good practices to carry out country-specific employment diagnostics

Key resources

  1. Keep up with the latest trends and policy issues

    ILO Monitor on the world of work and the ongoing impact of multiple crises

  2. What are countries doing on policy?

    ILO’s Employment Policy Gateway: A global reference on national employment policies and strategies to promote youth employment

  3. Learn about ILO’s capacity building on employment policy and analysis

    The ILO’s International Training Centre in Turin provides training on policies and programmes for full and productive employment

  4. What have we learned over two decades?

    Read about lessons learned from more than two decades of national employment policies

What's new

  1. Profile of Portugal’s Young NEETs

    21 March 2024

  2. Sri Lanka’s Labour Market during the Economic Crisis of 2022-2023

    21 December 2023

    Why the unemployment rate does not tell the full story

  3. Guidelines on Green Employment Diagnostics for Just Transitions

    21 December 2023

    Supporting countries understand and respond to the opportunities and threats posed by climate change, and policy responses to promote just transitions

  4. Part II: Two decades of national employment policies 2000-2020

    14 December 2023

    Towards a new generation of national employment policies (NEPs): What can we learn from the evolution of the scope and content of NEPs?

See also

  1. What is a NEP?

    This infographic provides an overview of National Employment Policies (NEPs).

  2. Report of the third recurrent discussion on employment

    Responding to the crisis and fostering inclusive and sustainable development with a new generation of comprehensive employment policies

  3. Global Employment Policy Review 2023: Macroeconomic policies for recovery and structural transformation

    The second edition of the Global Employment Policy Review (GEPR) focuses on the issue of employment-centred macroeconomic policies for recovery and structural transformation.

  4. One-pager on Employment Policy Action Facility (EPAF)

    This simple, visual guide explains how the ILO's Employment Policy Action Facility (EPAF) works and how users can best utilize it to fit their employment policy needs.

  5. National employment policies for an inclusive, job-rich recovery from the COVID-19 crisis

    This policy brief highlights the role of gender-responsive national employment policies in responding to the short- and longer-term impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

  6. Youth Foresight

    A one-stop shop providing tools, publications and resources on young people’s education and skilling, employment, entrepreneurship, and engagement.

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