The ILO in Syria

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    The Syrian Arab Republic (Syria) has been a member of the ILO since 1947 and has ratified 50 ILO Conventions, including all eight core Conventions. In February 2023, the ILO reinstated its physical presence in Syria, with the appointment of a Country Coordinator. This will allow the ILO to expand its work in Syria, and work closely with constituents and the UN to promote decent work principles and increase employment opportunities. More on Syria 


  1. Impact of the February 2023 Earthquakes on Employment and the Labour Market in Syria

    This technical note seeks to estimate the effect of the recent earthquakes on the employment and livelihoods sector in the affected areas in Syria and aims to understand the current situation and identify areas of need that require immediate action in order to support quick and inclusive recovery.

  2. ILO Response to the Earthquake in Syria: Embedding Decent Work Principles in Early Recovery Efforts

    The ILO is set to implement an emergency employment scheme to help restore the livelihoods of people in affected communities in Aleppo, parts of which were severely hit by the earthquake that struck Syria and Türkiye.