ILO in Malawi

Key resources

  1. Child Labour

    National Action Plan on Child Labour, 2020-2025

    The development of the second Malawi National Action Plan on Child Labour (NAP II) covering the period 2020-2025 reaffirms Malawi government commitment to the elimination of child labour and thus calls stakeholders and the general public to join hands in the elimination of child labour. The successful implementation of the NAP II hinges on the commitment of all the stakeholders. The NAP II is aligned to the draft National Child Labour Policy, the Malawi Growth Development Strategy (MGDS) III and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - SDG 8 in order to achieve coherence with these key development strategies.

  2. Work4Youth

    The ILO Work4Youth project in Malawi

    The ILO Work4Youth project worked with the National Statistical Office of Malawi to implement two rounds of the School-to-work transition survey (SWTS) in 2012 (August‒September) and 2014 (September). The objective of this country note is to offer a general summary of youth labour market trends in Malawi based on the SWTS. Youth is defined as 15‒29.