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  • Fair Recruitment - It is possible

    Our impact, their voices

    The ILO Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment helps Nepali migrant workers seek foreign employment fairly and safely.

  • Fair recruitment

    New online ratings help migrant workers avoid unscrupulous recruiters

    GENEVA (ILO News) – While millions of workers migrate in search of a better life for themselves and their families, far too many are tricked by false promises made by unscrupulous recruitment agencies, including fake jobs, lower wages and unsafe working conditions. Some end up trapped in forced labour and other forms of modern slavery

  • Our impact, their voices

    Breaking bonded labour and gender roles in Nepal

    The abolition of bonded labour has encouraged gender equality in Nepal. The ILO’s Bridge Project supports workers’ transition from bonded labour to decent work and provides women with skills in traditionally masculine areas of work.


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