ILO Country Office in Bangladesh (CO–Dhaka)

  • Better Work Bangladesh is helping garment factories to democratically elect members of Participation Committees in line with the Bangladesh Labour Rules.

  • The first Better Work Bangladesh assisted Participation Committee elections were held at three Birds Group factories on 14 August 2016 in Ashulia, Dhaka. Workers and management participated enthusiastically, putting up candidate posters around the factory.

  • Participation Committees give a voice to both workers and employers. On Election Day, workers wait patiently to cast their votes.

  • A worker signs the voter list to confirm her presence before casting her vote. Electoral procedures were maintained properly.

  • Time is up! All the workers have cast their votes and everyone is excited to open the ballot box.

  • The tension rises as the votes are counted. Participation Committees are an important forum to discuss working conditions and labour rights.

  • The appointed Election Commissioners, Polling Agents and other officials prepare to announce the result.

  • Some won and some lost but at the end of the day workers were happy to have elected their preferred candidates.