ILO Country Office in Bangladesh (CO–Dhaka)

Welcome to the ILO Office in Bangladesh. The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the tripartite UN agency that brings together governments, employers and workers in common action to promote decent work. The Office is based in Dhaka since 1973. More>

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  1. News

    First ever job fair for returnee migrant workers

    24 May 2015

    ILO jointly with the Bangladesh Employers Federation (BEF) organized a first ever job fair aimed at reintegrating migrant workers into the national economy

  2. Press release

    ILO stresses need for Bangladesh Labour Act implementation rules to reflect international standards

    21 May 2015

    DHAKA - The International Labour Organization (ILO) has stressed the importance of ensuring that the proposed implementation rules for the Bangladesh Labour Act comply with international labour standards.

  3. News

    ILO joins hands with Bangladesh IndustriALL Council

    12 May 2015

    ILO has joined hands with the Bangladesh IndustriALL Council (IBC) to further strengthen workers’ rights and working conditions in the ready-made garment industry.

  4. News

    Bangladesh Bank’s employment role discussed at high-level seminar

    14 May 2015

    The role of Bangladesh’s central bank role in promoting growth and employment while maintaining price stability was discussed at an international seminar jointly organized by the ILO and Bangladesh Bank in Dhaka 14 May 2015.

  5. Event

    Deepening the skills of union master trainers

    13 May 2015

    A three day Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop on Freedom of Association, organizing and labour law was held in Dhaka from 7-9 May 2015. Targeting to reach out to an estimated 2,700 potential organizers/ trainers at factory level in the RMG sector, 39 participants of the National Coordination Committee on Workers Education (NCCWE) took part in the training.

  6. Press release

    Rana Plaza commemoration highlights progress made and challenges ahead in Bangladesh ready made garment sector

    23 April 2015

    DHAKA – Speakers at a commemoration event to mark the second Rana Plaza anniversary recognised the progress made towards creating a safer ready made garment (RMG) sector for Bangladesh while stressing the need for further improvements to working conditions and worker rights in the industry.

  7. Inauguration

    CEBAI to boost Bangladesh RMG sector along value chain

    21 April 2015

    The Centre of Excellence for the Bangladesh Apparel Industries (CEBAI) will help the RMG sector compete on the basis of productivity and quality rather than low cost, according to ILO Country Director Srinivas Reddy.

  8. Press Release

    International Labour Organization calls for greater social dialogue in Bangladesh RMG sector

    21 April 2015

    The International Labour Organization has called for greater social dialogue among representatives of government, employers and workers within the Bangladesh ready-made garment sector, highlighting the gains this would bring.

  1. News

    On-line registration system for trade unions launched

    07 April 2015

    An on-line registration system for trade unions and trade union federations has officially been launched by Bangladesh’s Department of Labour (DoL) with support from the International Labour Organization (ILO).

  2. Government officials gain understanding indigenous people’s issues

    29 March 2015

    High-level government officials have gained a better understanding of the issues facing indigenous and tribal people in Bangladesh with emphasis on the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

  3. Press Release

    Help line launched for Bangladesh worker safety and rights

    15 March 2015

    A telephone Help line for workers to make and resolve grievances relating to workplace safety or workers’ rights has been launched in Bangladesh.

  4. Meeting

    Inspection findings follow up discussed

    12 March 2015

    Efforts to develop the capacity of the Department of Inspections for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) so that it can play a more effective regulatory oversight role are continuing.

  5. Training

    Union leaders learn collective bargaining skills

    25 February 2015

    A three-day workshop held in Dhaka 23-25 February 2015 brought together 39 such trainers from the National Coordination Committee for Workers Education (NCCWE) ready-made garment sector federations.

  6. Press release

    110 newly recruited labour inspectors receive introductory training

    24 February 2015

    A total of 110 newly recruited labour inspectors are learning the skills necessary to help enhance working conditions and worker safety in Bangladesh.

  7. Press release

    Major effort launched to complete remaining RMG factory inspections

    3 February 2015

    A major effort is underway to complete safety inspectionsof all remaining export-oriented ready-made garment factories.

  8. Training

    Major effort to build health and safety skills in RMG sector underway

    24 January 2015

    A major effort to enhance Occupational Health and Safety skills in the Bangladesh RMG sector is underway that will eventually lead to some 750,000 workers being trainedto improve the safety of their workplaces.

  9. Meeting

    Implementation of SARTUC Migrant Labour Charter discussed

    28 January 2015

    The members of South Asian Regional Trade Union Council (SARTUC) in Bangladesh met in the capital on 28 January 2015 to discuss the 18th SAARC Summit Declaration, in light of the SARTUC Migrant Worker’s charter and their Plan of Action.

  10. Press release

    Employment injury insurance to benefit workers and employers alike in the RMG sector

    24 January 2015

    Bangladesh’s workforce and industry alike would benefit from the establishment of an employment injury insurance (EII) scheme according to ILO.

  11. Press release

    New strategy seeks to reinvigorate Bangladeshi apprenticeship system

    10 December 2014

    The need to popularise apprenticeships and the benefits that this will have for both the workforce and the Bangladesh economy were discussed at a high level consultation held today

  12. Press release

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina officially opens Center of Excellence for Bangladesh Apparel Industries

    7 December 2014

    H.E. Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh opened the Centre of Excellence for the Bangladesh Apparel Industries (CEBAI) during a ceremony held at the Dhaka Apparel Summit.

  13. Meeting

    Workplace cooperation in the RMG sector is vital to boost productivity

    29 November 2014

    Leaders and top management of the RMG sector enterprises participated in a consultation meeting on workplace cooperation organized by the ILO.

  14. News

    Has fire safety in Bangladesh improved?

    27 November 2014

    Two years on from the Tazreen fashions fire, ILO Country Director Srinivas Reddy looks at steps taken to boost fire safety and the challenges that still lie ahead.

  15. Press release

    Labour Inspectors trained on follow up to BUET inspections in RMG sector

    26 November 2014

    The need for systematic and comprehensive follow up of fire and structural inspections of ready-made garment (RMG) factories by the Department of Inspections of Factories and Establishments (DIFE) was stressed at a workshop held in Dhaka yesterday (25 November 2014).

  16. Visit

    EU ambassador visits Barisal welders supported by ILO

    18 November 2014

    Ambassador and Head of EU Delegation Pierre Mayaudon included a visit to Barisal School and College during his first significant field visit outside of Dhaka on 18 November 2014. At the school he toured the welding lab which was equipped by the ILO-implemented, EU-funded TVET reform project.

  17. Training Programme

    All hands to the pump: ILO helps boost capacity of the Bangladesh fire service

    19-23 October 2014

    Bangladesh’s Fire Service and Civil Defence Department plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of the nation’s vast Ready Made Garment sector.

  18. Press release

    Progress on labour rights and factory safety in Bangladesh, but ILO calls for further improvements

    20 October 2014

    The Government of Bangladesh has made important progress to ensure labour rights and factory safety in the ready-made garment and knitwear industry in Bangladesh, but a lot of work still remains to be done.

  19. Press release

    Employer-employee cooperation vital for RMG Sector development

    16 October 2014

    DHAKA – The need to promote dialogue and build trust between workers and employers to ensure sustainable growth of the Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector was stressed by high-level speakers at an event on workplace cooperation held in Dhaka today.