ILO in Japan

  1. ILO Centenrary Declalation for the Future of Work, 2019~A roadmap for a human-centred future

    The world of work is experiencing transformative change, driven by technological innovations, demographic shifts, climate change and globalization. In response to these challenges and to mark 100 years since the ILO’s founding, a Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work was adopted in 2019 at the 108th session of the International Labour Conference

ILO and Business

  1. ILO Helpdesk for Business

    ILO Helpdesk for Bussiness on International Labour Standards

  2. ILO Project

    Promoting responsible supply chains in Asia 

    The project aims to contribute to an enhanced respect for human rights, labour and environmental standards by businesses engaged in supply chains in Asia, in line with international instruments.

ILO projects supported by Japan

  1. Factsheet 2019

    Japan - ILO Cooperation

    Factsheet introducing Japan's contribution to the ILO

  2. ILO/Japan Multi-bilateral Programme in the Asia Pacific Countries

Focus on

  1. ILO COOP 100

    The ILO COOP Unit marks its centenary in 2020.  The ILO COOP 100 webpage highlights on the history of the unit.

  2. The 10th ILO/JCCU Study Tour for African cooperative leaders (9/5-14, 2019)

    African cooperative leaders share their observations on the 10th ILO-JCCU Study Tour