Skills Innovation Connections

Skills Innovation Connections is a global network of skills innovators that will connect innovators, ILO constituents, TVET institutions, academia and development practitioners to share ideas, experiences and collaborate to develop and scale innovations for identified skills challenges. By building on the existing ILO Skills for Employment Knowledge Sharing Platform, it will provide access to tools, resources and knowledge-sharing events that members can use to build ongoing solutions to the problems they face.

Our goal is to accelerate innovation around skills development by making experience and expertise available and searchable.

The SKILLS Innovation Connections seeks to:
  • Encourage countries and innovators to address the most pressing skills challenges in the world.
  • Develop the Network members’ knowledge and expertise on skills development and innovation by accessing a wide range of e-learning tools and resources.
  • Provide a space for innovators to actively participate in collaborative discussions around key skills challenges, exchange solutions, share their experiences, and learn from the others to turn this their ideas into real-world innovations.

Who can participate?

Participation is open to individuals and organisations who can register as:
  • An innovator
  • An organization with a key challenge to solve

What can participants expect?

The ILO Global Network of Skills Innovators Platform will provide up-to-date, informative content and will serve as a dynamic marketplace to connect diverse stakeholders such as government, employers, workers, academics, innovators and public and private investors to create an ecosystem that supports further implementation of innovations. The platform will support four key functionalities:

Find your challenge

Members will be invited to discover some of the main skills needs or challenges in ILO countries and submit a solution. Challenges will be identified by ILO stakeholders who are willing to support and sponsor innovators with early-stage solutions that address them.

Peer-to-peer innovation

Members will be able to join a community of skills innovators from different backgrounds to share and support each others work. By using a peer-to-peer mentoring approach, everyone in the network will have an opportunity to participate and learn from the community. Through online discussions and virtual sessions, members will have access to some of the top experts in the area of skills development.

Knowledge-sharing events

Members will be invited to participate in regional or global online and in-person knowledge sharing sessions. These events will provide an opportunity to innovators to showcase their solutions to an audience of potential partners and sponsors to create collaborations.

Online learning

Members will have access to e-learning materials on skills development and innovation, such as videos, webinars, online modules, etc. These materials will be developed by the ILO SKILLS Innovation Steering Committee based on existing tools and guides.


Members of the Network will also benefit from ILO’s expertise and resources. ILO will provide tailored trainings, private ideation workshops and mentoring programmes, among others.