1. Latin America and the Caribbean reinforce their commitment to achieve the first generation free of Child Labour

    27 October 2023

    After four days of dialogue and tripartite collaboration, 31 countries concluded the IX Annual Meeting of the Focal Points Network of the Regional Initiative Latin America and the Caribbean Free of Child Labour with the commitment to accelerate the pace and pave the way towards a region without child labour.

  2. Respecting values and customs: ILO and CIERTO launch protocol on the recruitment of indigenous peoples for work abroad

    24 July 2023

    The document has been developed based on the experiences of indigenous peoples in Mexico and Guatemala, and serves private employment agencies recruiting for companies abroad.

  3. Panama ratifies ILO Convention on Violence and Harassment

    02 November 2022

    Panama is the 21st country to ratify ILO Convention No. 190 which aims to eliminate violence and harassment in the world of work.

  4. Low growth and global crisis slow job recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean

    01 September 2022

    The regional unemployment rate reached 7.9 per cent and returned to pre-pandemic levels, but the labour outlook in the region, also affected by the impact of the war in Ukraine, may be complicated by greater informality and working poverty, says the ILO.

  5. Ministries of Labour from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico exchange experiences on fair recruitment of migrant workers

    01 September 2022

    By hosting this exchange, the ILO seeks to contribute to efforts to improve fair recruitment processes for migrant workers.

  1. 100 years of social protection: The road to universal social protection systems and floors

    15 September 2023

    Volume 2: 52 country cases

  2. Comparative analysis of the standards and procedures on recruitment and placement of foreign temporary workers: Canada, El Salvador, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico

    12 June 2023

    This study compiles, analyses and synthesizes the different national and international regulations and procedures that countries apply to the recruitment and placement of temporary foreign temporary workers; and it also presents lessons learned and key practices. In the case of Canada, the document includes the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Quebec.

  3. The Resource Centre for Migrant Workers in Tijuana, Mexico

    12 June 2023

    Systematization of the experience of the RCMW, recommendations to improve their services and to replicate the model in Mexico and Central American countries.

  1. "Es muy importante que desde las Américas mandemos al mundo un mensaje común, tripartito, que no hay desarrollo que merezca el calificativo de humano sin trabajo decente y la democracia sólo se fortalece si hay mejores empleos para todos".
    Director General de la OIT, Guy Ryder

  1. The Government of Canada and ILO expand their partnership to strengthen institutional capacities in the governance of labour migration in Latin America

    16 August 2022

    Two new projects seek to strengthen the work of Ministries of Labor, Foreign Affairs, migration institutes, public employment services and vocational training institutions, as well as employers' and workers' organizations to integrate migrants and refugees

  2. Putting the focus on Decent Work and Labour Migration in Central America!

    13 December 2021

    The ILO launches a series of fact sheets to analyse the labour and migration profile of migrants from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, as well as a series of recommendations to promote decent jobs, improve working conditions and establish mechanisms to ensure social protection.

  3. Panamanian firms advance towards gender equality

    25 January 2021

    In the case of Panama, the decrease in the economic gender gap would have a considerable impact in the country´s economy, according to research by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).