Promoting women’s economic empowerment at work through responsible business conduct in G7 coutnries

Together with the UN Women and with the support from the European Union Partnership Instrument, the ILO has implemented the “WE EMPOWER – G7” project aimed at promoting sustainable, inclusive and equitable economic growth by promoting women’s economic empowerment in public and private sector in G7 countries.

The G7 recognises that women are key drivers of innovation growth and jobs, and that the private sector plays a crucial role in creating an environment in which women can more meaningfully participate in the economy and it has set concrete targets to achieve this.

The G7 countries have committed to invest in:
  • Women’s skills development;
  • Facilitate women’s labour force participation, career advancement, and work-life balance;
  • Stimulate women’s entrepreneurship and the growth and sustainability of women owned businesses;
  • Accelerate the adoption and implementation of the UN Women’s Empowerment principles (WEP’s).
To support sustainable and equitable economic growth by promoting women’s empowerment in the public and private sector in G7 countries, the project:
  • Facilitates dialogue and exchanges amongst G7 countries public and private sectors;
  • Further engages with the private sector in the elimination of gender inequality faced by women in the world of work.
The project’s guidance on labour issues draws from international labour standards and the ILO Tripartite declaration of principles concerning multinational enterprises and social policy, while the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) are the project’s guiding platform.