India - EU Seminar on Talent Mobility

In the area of regular migration and in recognition of the significant role of private sector in migration in the EU-India corridor, a one-and-a-half day seminar on India-EU Talent Mobility is being organized by the ILO under the EU-India Cooperation and Dialogue on Migration and Mobility Project.

The planned seminar focuses on three significant and growing business sectors in the EU-India corridor - the information technology industry, automotive industry and start-ups. The objective of the seminar is to bring the industry’s perspective to the attention of Indian and European policymakers.

This two-day seminar, involving more than 100 representatives from the three focus sectors, will provide the governments an in-depth understanding of the implications of policy on talent mobility. It will offer a chance to exchange ideas, propose practical solutions, understand the challenges posed and recognize good practices and policies.

The seminar will also provide an opportunity for industry to be updated on the government initiatives and for governments and private sector to learn from each other. Recommendations from this seminar for current and future challenges in the area of talent mobility will inform the High-Level Dialogue between India and EU in July 2019.