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What's new

  1. International labour standards and national law in light of the impact of Covid-19 on labour relations – webinar for judges in Georgia

    27 June 2020

    The social impact of measures taken by the Government of Georgia to counter the spread of Covid-19 has brought to the fore questions related to the role of international labour standards and the application of relevant provisions of the Georgian Labour Code. To discuss these issues, the ILO and the High School of Justice of Georgia organized a webinar.

  2. Webinar on Supporting enterprises for rapid economic recovery: timely responses and the case of the Russian Federation

    18 June 2020

    ILO Moscow Office has organized the third out of five webinars under a general title “From the immediate crisis response to COVID pandemic towards economic recovery, with decent work in focus”. The participants discussed country responses to support enterprises for rapid economic recovery, especially for employment retention in micro- and small enterprises, support to self-entrepreneurs and dismissed workers.

  3. Rapid Assessment of the Impact of COVID-19 on Workers in the Informal Economy

    16 June 2020

    On 16 June 2020 the ILO DWT/CO Moscow held a Subregional Webinar “Rapid Assessment of the Impact of COVID-19 on Workers in the Informal Economy”. This was the third webinar in a series of webinars devoted to social protection response to COVID-19 pandemic in the ECIS sub-region.

Current Projects

  1. From the Crisis towards Decent and Safe Jobs

    Sustainable regionsl development for job generation and social justice in the framework of Decent Work Country Programmes


  1. Reconciling work and family in Georgia

    In Georgian culture and tradition, the primary responsibility for the upkeep of the family and the household rests with