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  1. Improving coordination of social protection and employment service delivery in Armenia and Tajikistan. Guide

    The Guide aims to assist the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Tajikistan to build up integrated case management. Integrated case management is understood as an innovative practice which is employed collectively especially by respective agents of employment and social security to serve the most vulnerable with all available resources from both the labour market and the social protection system, and even beyond. The Guide recommends the setting up of integrated case management systems that are embedded in partnership structures.

  2. Labour market transitions of young women and men in Armenia

    This report presents the highlights of the 2012 School-to-work Transition Survey (SWTS) run together with the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia (NSSRA) within the framework of the ILO Work4Youth Project.


  1. Video

    Breaking barriers: Letting people with disabilities into the labour market (full version)

    After the break up of the Soviet Union, life for many people in Armenia changed radically and new opportunities opened up for many. But for people with disabilities, it was not the case. During the Soviet period, they found work inside a closed system of “social enterprises.” Now they are truly “invisible” in the workforce. The ILO’s pilot project in Armenia is breaking down old stereotypes about disability as well as the barriers that keep them from work.