Public Education 116: Work and Care Work

The ILO and Jurnal Perempuan launch the 116 edition of Jurnal Perempuan on Work and Care Work, highlighting the importance of the ILO's 5R Framework on Care Work (Recognition, Reduction, Redistribution, Representation and Reward).

The journal publication is to build the awareness regarding the importance of recognition, reduction, redistribution and representation and rewards related to care work, especially from an employment perspective. Thus, the journal publication is targeted to the following objectives:
  1. Raising the awareness about the importance of care work, whether paid or unpaid.
  2. Demonstrating challenges faced by women to be fully involved in labour force because of care work.
  3. Promoting good practice of men's involvement in work and the care economy.
  4. Building collective awareness that inclusive and safe care work is a shared responsibility and producing common goods such as increasing the productivity of families, communities, companies and the country.
  5. Encouraging the state's commitment to fulfil universal guarantees for women's care work in the employment context and also voice the importance of investment in the form of social security in care work.
The journal publication focuses on the following issues:
  1. State policies that recognize women's experiences and interests in relation to care work: Relevant Laws
  2. Maternity leave: Human rights and workers' rights that are often not fulfilled.
  3. Involvement of men in care work as a form of justice in work and the care economy.
  4. Understanding and recognizing care work: Equitable inclusion and access efforts for women's work participation.
  5. Care Work: Paid and unpaid all need recognition, reassurance, and reward.
  6. The invisibility of care work in relation to the phenomena of waithood and childfree.
  7. The perspective of feminism and the 5 R principles, namely recognition, reduction, redistribution, representation. and rewards.