Launch of Social Experiment of ILO-Magdalene on Care Work

The launch highlights and screens a documentary video about hundreds of hours spent by five women with different backgrounds on caring responsibilities and domestic work without recognizing the economic values of the care work.


The objectives of the media campaign and advocacy are the following:
  • To raise public awareness and interests on the issue of unpaid care work, its relevance to their lives, its contribution to the economy and how it affects; gender inequality through an engaging public campaign using digital media.
  • To involve the public in the producing journalistic output using the method of social experiment;
  • To simulate the economic value of unpaid care work through the stories of real women involved in the social experiment;
  • To encourage conversation through discussion on social media and public event; and
  • To attract mainstream media attention to the issue through the campaign

Outputs and Activities

  • A social experiment of time-use survey involving 5 women of different economic backgrounds and circumstances living in the Greater Jakarta to document and calculate the amount of hours they spend doing unpaid care work. The social experiment will be part of the larger campaign #Merekajugapekerja or #Theyarealsoworkers (name can be changed) that focuses on care economy.
  • Production of a short documentary on unpaid care work regarding the stories of the five women. This video will contain the shots they have taken themselves using their phones and the session where they meet each other and were revealed of the economic value of the unpaid care work they do.
  • Public discussion and media engagement about the equal role between mother and father in childcare and domestic work. The invited resource persons include the ILO, economist, representative of the women.