Digital Communications Training for Trade Unions on Care Work

The training aims to equip the trade unionists with skills on social media and content awareness raising on issues related to care work.


  • To increase understanding of the workers participants on the importance of effective social media campaign for their policy advocacy activities, especially on care economy, care work and the draft law of the Welfare of Mothers and Children.
  • To equip the participants with skills on social media and content awareness raising; including on analytical insight for monitoring, basic photography/videography using mobile phone, basic simple graphic design using free apps and tools
  • To provide insights on the Campaign Recommendations by ILO-KataData Insight Center’s report above on the 3R priorities (from the 5R Care Economy Framework) messages: Recognize, Reduce and Redistribute

Expected Outputs of the Training

  • At least 30 representatives from workers union will have better capacity to implement and conduct social media campaign; and
  • The participants will be able to do on-training practice of creating campaign Content and post it, with understanding comprehension of basic analytical monitoring by the end of training.
As follow up of this training, the PICs shall monitor the result of their social media campaign by filling in the monitoring sheet from the ILO Project in the next 1 or 2 months afterwards.