Reaching out to young workers and youth through a radio campaign

The ILO organizes a series of radio talkshows on issues related to women, youth and work to commemorate the International Women’s Day.

News | Jakarta, Indonesia | 11 March 2023
In conjunction with the commemoration of the International Women’s Day, the ILO in collaboration with the Indonesia’s Delta Female Network (JDFI) conducted a series of interactive radio talkshows every Wednesday from 22 February to 8 March. These talkshows were simultaneously aired by three national radio stations under JDFI: 101.8 Bahana FM, 99.1 Delta FM and 97.9 Female Radio.

Each week, the talkshows raised different issues: care economy, prevention of harassment and violence at work and digitalization for youth. These talkshows had reached over 361 thousand listeners and had actively involved the listeners to pose questions as well as share their experiences and opinions.

The following are the links to the talkshows:

Talkshow 1 – Women and care economy
The talkshow discusses about the care economy and a great involvement of women in the care economy. The care economy is growing as the demand for childcare and care for the elderly is increasing in all regions. 

Talkshow 2 – It can happen to anyone: Fight against harassment and violence at work
The talkshow discusses about the ILO’s Convention No. 190 on Harassment and Violence, as the first international treaty to recognize the right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment, including gender-based violence and harassment. 

Talkshow 3 – Turning Indonesian youth into a resilient generation
The talkshow discusses how the fast changing world of work such as technological advancement has urged young people to be adaptive and to equip themselves with skills that are relevant with the fast changing world of work.