2015 ILO’s global media competition

Award for Excellence in Reporting Fairly on Labour Migration

Responses to ILO’s global media competition entitled “Reporting Fairly on Labour Migration” came from around the world. The ILO received a total of 258 entries from contestants in 68 countries. Ten entries from the Professional Journalist category and ten entries from the Citizen Journalist category were sent to five independent judges tasked with the responsibility of selecting the winners.

To mark this year’s International Migrants Day, the ILO, in collaboration with  the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the International Organisation of Employers (IOE), and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) are pleased to announce the results of the competition showcasing excellence in media reporting on labour migration.

The winners are:

Professional Journalist

  1. Ángeles Mariscal, Moysés Zuñiga Santiago and Elizabeth Ruiz Alvarado

    Mujeres migrantes, atrapadas en una frontera imaginaria

    En el camino

Professional Journalist Category Nominees

  1. David Bacon

     The Pacific Coast Farm-Worker Rebellion

    The Nation

  2. Ana P. Santos

    Long-Distance Parenting

    The Atlantic

  3. Nicolas Haque

    Senegal migrant seeks better life in Europe

    Al Jazeera English

  4. Rachel Knaebel

    Pays riche et vieillissant, adepte de l'austérité, cherche infirmier européen pauvre pour emploi au rabais

    Basta !

  5. Brian Ngugi Njoroge

    Kenyan Government moves to combat migrant worker abuse in the Gulf

    Equal Times

  6. Emanuele Piano and Alessandro Righi

    Red Gold and Black Blood

    Al Jazeera English

  7. Astrid Zweynert

    Fleeing violence at home, Iraqi migrant finds haven in Cambodia

    Thomson Reuters Foundation

  8. Alisa Tang

    Asia's migrant domestic workers rally to fight low pay and abuse

    Thomson Reuters Foundation

  9. Mubashar Hasan

    Are SE Asia's trafficking kingpins getting off the hook?


Global Media Competition Submission Map


The International Labour Office recognizes the quality of the competition entries submitted. However, the responsibility for opinions expressed and names and terms used in the competition entries rests solely with their authors, and reproduction of the entries does not constitute an endorsement by the International Labour Organization of the opinions expressed and names and terms used in them.