Working Group of the Special Tripartite Committee of the Maritime Labour Convention

The second meeting of the Special Tripartite Committee (STC) of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 established under Article XIII of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) decided, in accordance with article 15 of its Standing Orders, to establish a Working Group. The decision was then endorsed by the Governing Body at its 326th session. 

Terms of reference

The working Group was given the following terms of reference:

  • (i) to examine issues related to the protection of seafarers’ wages when the seafarer is held captive on or off the ship as a result of acts such as piracy or armed robbery, and to prepare proposals including an amendment to the Code of the MLC, 2006, to address these issues;
  • (ii) to recommend improvements to the process for preparing proposals for amendments to the Code of the MLC, 2006, for consideration by the STC in accordance with Article XV of the Convention and article 11 of the Standing Orders of the STC, to promote their earlier and fuller consideration by member States and representative organizations of Seafarers and Shipowners; and
  • (iii) to deliver a report, with recommendations, to be submitted to the third meeting of the STC, not later than nine months before the meeting.


The Working Group, in keeping with the Standing Orders of the STC, will be composed of four Government representatives, four Shipowner representatives and four Seafarer representatives. (see the list of members)


Under article 7 of its Standing Orders the STC delegated authority to its Officers to fix the programme of work, date and time for the sitting of the Working Group. A conference call was held with the Officers of the STC on 17 May 2016 where the following arrangements were agreed upon: :
  • the Office will play a facilitation role in the work by correspondence in consultation with the Officers of the STC;
  • the work by correspondence will be limited to the members of the STC Working Group;
  • Governments’ members of the Working Group will be invited to consult with other Governments in order to present a position that represent as many of them as possible;
  • a letter will be sent to all ILO member States informing them about the launching and timeframe of the work by correspondence;
  • a dedicated page will be created to post relevant documents and provide information to all ILO member States;
  • all member States will be invited to the physical meeting of the Working Group.

Programme of work

The following tentative dates were agreed by the Officers of the STC for the programme of work: