INTEGRATE Programme: Integrating trade and decent work

  1. The ILO research programme “Integrating trade and decent work” (INTEGRATE) is a multi-donor partnership that follows a more human-centred approach, which means treating decent work as a central objective of trade policy, as called for in the ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work (2019).

Programme Background

The INTEGRATE programme comprises three interdependent, but separate areas:
  • Assessing the distributional effects of trade on the labour market using decent work indicators (under the ASSESS project);
  • Supporting sustainable development through the alignment of trade policies and domestic labour market institutions so as to reduce inequalities, and gaps in social protection and poverty (under the SUPPORT project);
  • Implementing activities to bridge capacity gaps and support policymakers and the social partners in engaging more effectively in dialogue on trade and labour market policies (under the IMPLEMENT project (forthcoming)).

Meetings and Events

  1. Virtual Symposium

    Integrating Trade and Decent Work: Assessing impact of trade on labour markets

    5 October 2021

  2. Workshop

    Virtual Peer Review Workshop: “Trade and Decent Work”

    8 October 2020 - Online - 10:30 - 14:10-17:15 Geneva time

  3. Workshop

    Tripartite Workshop Trade and Labour Market Challenges in Mexico

    28 February, 2020 - Barceló Hotel, Mexico City

  4. ILO Research Seminar

    Effects of Trade on the Labour Market

    27 February, 2020 - Barceló Hotel, Mexico City