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  1. Waste management

    Urgent action needed to better manage e-waste: ILO

    Representatives of governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations agree more must be done, and urgently, to manage the millions of tonnes of e-waste produced each year.



Watch and Listen

  1. ILO100

    ILO Director-General commemorates ILO Centenary at the WTO

    25 March 2019

  2. World Day of Social Justice, 20 February

    The ILO since 1919: Fighting for social justice

    18 February 2019

Maps and charts

  1. Digital labour platforms and the future of work: Towards decent work in the online world

    How much do crowdworkers earn?

    10 January 2019

  2. Global Wage Report 2018/19

    How big is the gender pay gap in your country?

    26 November 2018

  3. APESO - Facts & figures

    Vulnerable employment in Asia-Pacific: Trends and projections

    16 November 2018

Our impact, their voices

  1. The ILO 24-Hour Global Tour

    11 April 2019

  2. Looking towards the future

    02 April 2019

  3. Businesses for people and planet

    13 March 2019

Statements and speeches

  1. Annual Meetings of the World Bank and the IMF

    A human-centred agenda will reduce inequalities

    13 April 2019

  2. Annual Meetings of the World Bank and the IMF

    Decent jobs must grow at a stronger pace

    13 April 2019