ILO organizational structure

The ILO headquarters are located in Geneva, where the ILO’s Member States government, employer and worker representatives meet three times a year at the ILO’s Governing Body and annually at the International Labour Conference (ILC).

Under the leadership of the Director-General, the ILO has approximately 3,500 officials who work on its agreed programmes and activities as set out in the Programme and Budget, across 107 countries in five regions: Africa, the Americas, the Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Central Asia each with a Regional Director.

ILO’s work is organized around four clusters, each overseen by an Assistant Director-General:
  • Manuela Tomei – Governance, Rights and Dialogue
  • Mia Seppo – Jobs and Social protection
  • Laura Thompson – External and Corporate Relations
  • Hao Bin – Corporate Services
Research, statistics, publication, and training activities, as well as four Priority Action Programmes are led by a Deputy Director-General, Celeste Drake:
  • Transition from the informal to the formal economy
  • Just transitions towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies
  • Decent work outcomes in supply chains
  • Decent work in crisis and post-crisis situations