Policy Development Section (POL)

Employment and Social Protection Segment

  1. 1

    ‎Area of critical importance on jobs and skills for youth‎

  2. 2

    ‎Area of critical importance on productivity and working conditions in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)‎

  3. 3

    ‎Follow-up to the Tripartite Technical Meeting on Labour Migration (Geneva, 4-8 November 2013)‎

  4. 4

    ‎Report for the recurrent discussion on social protection (labour protection) at the 104th Session (2015) of the International Labour Conference‎

Social Dialogue Segment

  1. 5

    ‎Sectoral activities programme 2012–13 and 2014–15‎

  2. 6

    ‎Update on the Better Work Programme‎

Technical Cooperation Segment

  1. 7

    ‎Regional perspectives on technical cooperation: Europe and Central Asia‎

  2. 8

    ‎Follow-up to the Brasilia Declaration on Child Labour‎

  3. 9

    ‎ILO's technical cooperation in fragile States‎

Multinational Enterprises Segment

  1. 10

    ‎Implementation strategy for the follow-up mechanism of and promotional activities on the Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (MNE Declaration).‎