Programme, Financial and Administrative Section (PFA)

 The Section is responsible for programming financial and general administrative matters and for personnel questions and takes in the work of the Information and Communication Technology Subcommittee and of the Building Subcommittee. Financial dimensions and implications of matters discussed in other sections are also treated in the PFA Section.

Programme, Financial and Administrative Segment

  1. 1

    Programme and Budget for 2010-11: Regular budget account and Working Capital Fund

  2. 2

    Use of the Special Programme Account

  3. 3

    Financial questions relating to the International Institute for Labour Studies

  4. 4

    Proposed 2012–13 budgets for extra-budgetary accounts

  5. 5

    Building questions

  6. 6

    Information and communications technology questions

  7. 7

    Other financial questions

Audit and Oversight Segment

  1. 8

    Annual evaluation report 2010–11

  2. 9

    Discussions of high-level evaluations: Strategies and Decent Work Country Programmes

  3. 10

    Review of the Independent Oversight Advisory Committee (IOAC)

  4. 11

    Matters relating to the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU): Reports of the JIU

Personnel Segment

  1. 12

    Statement by the staff representative

  2. 13

    Report of the International Civil Service Commission

  3. 14

    Amendments to the Staff Regulations

  4. 15

    Other personnel questions