EU Support to improved quality of VET education (EU4Employment and Education)

This project aims at improving the quality and pertinence of Vocational Education and Training (VET) through the development of Occupational and Qualification Standards, and equipping VET teachers with the skills to create their own digital training contents to develop the entrepreneurial competences of VET students.

Vocational education and training in Bosnia and Herzegovina faces a series of structural deficits in equipping young people with the technical skills and the generic skills that are needed on the labour market. To ensure that VET responds to labour market needs, the contents of training programmes and the capacities of teachers need to be aligned more closely with the developments of the industry. This includes both, technical, occupation-specific skills, as well as core skills, such as digital and entrepreneurial competences.

In response, ILO is implementing the EU-funded project “EU Support to improved Quality of VET Education (EU4Employment and Education)”. The project develops occupational standards, in consultation with industry representatives. It then translates these into qualification standards, which act as principles for the development of curricula, training programmes, teacher training and certification. Such standards can be seen as country-wide quality benchmarks and will also allow Bosnia and Herzegovina to compare their qualifications to the European Qualifications Framework.

While standards and curricula are necessary, they are not enough. Teachers are the main actors in preparing young people for today’s and tomorrow’s labour markets and investing in their capacities is paramount. This project will contribute to modernising training methodology and improving VET teachers’ skills in two important ways:

a) Training VET teachers to create digital teaching content and thereby modernise their training programmes and stimulate VET students’ digital skills – guided by the EU DigComp Framework.

b) Strengthening VET teachers’ capacities to teach entrepreneurship to students. The aim is to enhance young people’s understanding of what it takes to one day start and manage a business, as part of their future professional trajectories. The project will do so in alignment with the principles of the EU EntreComp Framework.