People's voices: campaigning for pay equity and childcare in Jordan

Voices of women at work are an essential component of any initiative on women’s economic empowerment. This principle is at the heart of the Jordanian National Committee for Pay Equity’s work. This booklet celebrates the results achieved by the Committee since its establishment in 2011, through the voices of its members and stakeholders. This collection of voices reflect views from some of the people who have taken part in these efforts.

The Committee has been the driving force behind the Collective Agreement for teachers in the private sector, and behind this result lies many personal stories of emancipation, especially for the participants in the “Stand Up with Teachers” campaign, teachers who through a community organizing approach have learned to promote their own rights. These efforts have been taken outside the private education sector to the benefit of many more Jordanian families through an extensive promotion of the right to childcare at the workplace at the national level.