Women's groups

For women, by women: Guidance and activities for building women migrant workers’ networks

This guidance draws on lessons learned over years of supporting women’s groups. It outlines how migrant women’s groups can be catalysed; what expectations service providers, donors and the development community should have for network building; and how to best spark the beginnings of women’s collective action.

The guidance reflects the goals and ethos of women’s equality and empowerment, and highlights the voices of women migrant workers themselves, to help service providers to best serve these women. It includes specific activities and exercises to be used in group building, and summarizes some key considerations for those beginning a journey to create women’s groups.

The ILO’s TRIANGLE in ASEAN programme, supported by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), recognizes that support for return and reintegration through women’s groups is crucial to realizing the potential development benefits of migration. This guidance outlines how TRIANGLE in ASEAN supports women migrant workers who have returned home to build communities and networks, as well as their own resilience, confident that what emerges from these collectives will be the most efficient, sustainable and supportive intervention possible.