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Decent Work in Garment Supply Chains Asia – Experience and Knowledge Sharing from the ILO-Sida project (2019 – 22)

As the ILO-Sida Decent Work in Garment Supply Chains Asia project comes to a close, it is organizing a final regional workshop to bring stakeholders together, reflect on results and progress, and discuss ways forward for supporting a better future of work in the Asian garment sector.

Project background

The Sida-funded Decent Work in Garment Supply Chains Asia (DWGSC) project is a 4-year ILO regional initiative aimed at strengthening knowledge and insight into “what works” in driving Decent Work in the garment sector, and leveraging this for enhanced regional coordination, action and impact across the supply chain in Asia. The project has three thematic priorities: gender equality; productivity and competitiveness; and environmental sustainability, together with a fourth crosscutting component on regional knowledge sharing and exchange. Initially designed as a 3-year initiative, the project was extended for an additional 12 months, until 31 December 2022.

The project works regionally and in 4 main countries: Cambodia, Bangladesh, Viet Nam and Indonesia, with additional activities also in Pakistan. Other Asian countries are covered by the project’s regional research and knowledge sharing initiatives, including the Asia Garment Hub.


As project comes to a close, and in light of drastically curtailed opportunities for physical events since 2020, the project is organizing its first and only face-to-face regional event in Bangkok, to bring stakeholders together, reflect on progress, and explore ways forward in supporting garment supply chains in the region.


The main objectives of the workshop are as follows:
  • To bring together key project stakeholders and beneficiaries for reflections on project results and impact, and perspectives on the way forward
  • To showcase project outputs, good practices and lessons learned ahead of project closure in December 2022
  • To reinvigorate and strengthen stakeholder relationships and networks developed/supported under the project
  • To pinpoint areas for further collaboration and provide inputs to inform future ILO work and a possible (DWGSC) Phase II design
The event also supported the successful conclusion of the DWGSC project by (further) institutionalizing knowledge and networks built during its tenure, whilst also providing an opportunity for stakeholders to inform future ILO strategies and action in the garment sector.

The workshop was held in-person and was by invite-only. A workshop report and communications package, including video highlights, were made available after the event.