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  • In most countries, private enterprises create the most jobs. This is especially true in developing countries, where over 90 percent of jobs are in the private sector. People who have overcome poverty identify “finding a paid job” or “starting a business” as the two most important reasons.

New Findings

  1. Statistics on Cooperatives Country in Focus

    28 August 2017

    Countries in Focus on Statistics of Cooperatives is a series produced by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC) as part of a larger initiative to increase understanding of the ways in which countries around the world are producing and using statistics on cooperatives. 

  2. Kuza Case Study

    Employment and employee retention in Mombasa's micro-retail sector: Lessons in promoting quality of work

    07 August 2017

    This study tested several hypotheses to see what motivated youth to take up entry-level jobs and has drawn conclusions on how to best attract and retain youth in micro-retail jobs in Mombasa, Kenya. 

  3. Report 

    Market Systems and Job Quality: What Do We Know and What Can We Do About it?

    07 August 2017

    This report has mapped the evidence from the field to learn what’s been done, what’s been effective and what projects and donors can to better address job quality in the future. The research also explores how these projects addressed working conditions in seven different quality categories.

  4. Article

    Measuring Productive Employment: A "How to" Note

    Date issued: 20 July 2017
    Contact(s): Callie Ham,

    The Lab sets out a methodology to guide through developing and measuring a productive employment indicator so you can better understand your project’s impact on productive employment. 

  5. Newsflash

    Enterprises Newsflash No.11

    The latest issue of Enterprise Department Newsflash is available for viewing and downloading here

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