ILO Committee of Experts discusses forced labour and freedom of association in Myanmar

New conclusions on Myanmar were issued by the ILO Committee of Experts in February 2019 and are now available in Myanmar language.

News | 19 March 2019
The Committee of Experts examined Myanmar’s application of ILO Convention No. 29 concerning forced labour and ILO Convention No. 87 concerning the freedom of association and right to organize. 

In relation to freedom of association, the Committee said it was encouraged by the development of tripartite social dialogue in the country, but noted a number of impediments in existing law and regulations.  The Committee made a number of recommendations for the amendment of key labour laws, currently under way, based on the findings of direct contacts mission to Myanmar in October 2018.

Concerning forced labour, the Committee noted the cooperation between the Government of Myanmar and ILO under the Supplementary Understanding and previous Action Plans for the elimination of forced labour, but expressed deep concern over the persistence of forced labour in conflict-affected areas.  It requested that Myanmar report again at the International Labour Conference in June 2019.

Meanwhile on 28 March 2019 the ILO Governing Body will consider the latest report of the Liaison Office on its activities in Myanmar, including on forced labour and freedom of association, as well as the impact of foreign direct investment on decent work in the country.