You have to take care of You

Colleen McCann - Founder, Style Rituals – Santa Monica, California

News | 29 September 2020
In her studio, Colleen explains the importance of working with her clients to realign their energetic health for growth, balance and to help them make great decisions that will positively affect others. ILO Photo/ John Isaac
As a fashion stylist turned shaman, Colleen McCann’s professional journey did not easily connect to her western Pennsylvania upbringing and still considers herself a “very practical person”.

“About 12 years ago, I was working on a trend presentation for a client and went to get a few things from my local bodega in Brooklyn in the middle of the night. Suddenly, I heard a man's voice say ‘there's going to be a fight about bananas and the guys going to be 32 cents short.’”

When she turned around, Colleen said no one was there and she just chalked it up to being too tired. “Then in true New York style someone comes from outside with bananas, pushes me out of the way and starts arguing with the shop owner about the price of his bananas.”

This situation was not new to her. Colleen always had something happening that she could not rationally explain. At nine years old, she had a dream of the winning lottery numbers, and after badgering her mother, they went to the store, bought a ticket and she won. She told her mother about the details of her grandmothers’ blue kitchen, the name of her dog and other details for which no photos existed nor stories told.

Collen explained that working in the fashion industry was her passion, and she was good at it. However, being able to know details about perfect strangers’ lives, to feel the pain of loss and sorrow of others she would pass on the street was her gift.

After studying reiki, fung shui, crystals and ancient healing traditions, Colleen started a modest business that has grown and now reaches many people from all walks of life. ILO Photo/ John Isaac
“Everyone has the ability to tap into their own intuitive gifts. I help my clients learn how to flex their intuitive muscle,” says Colleen founder of Style Rituals in Santa Monica, California. “I provide tools and techniques for self-healing, self-care, self-empowerment and self-actualization.”

Colleen travelled the world researching the traditions of crystals and is the author of “Crystal Rx” a guide to the healing power of crystals. A certified Shamanic Energy Practitioner, her practice focuses on helping people heal by “aligning the energetic and visual bodies” of her clients.

Her path to spiritual healer began in New York’s fashion scene when a friend recommended someone that she should meet. Colleen contacted an energy healer based in San Francisco and eventually moved there to be mentored by her for three years. Colleen continued her studies and undertook international studies in different forms of shamanism, crystal healing, and eventually became a Reiki Master and Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner.

“I feel like one of the reasons I'm doing this work is to be a face. I want to give something that feels palatable and fun and not scary” Colleen says. “I’m a very practical person. I speak about intuition in terms everybody can understand.”

Her first clients were in the fashion industry, but shortly Colleen became a magnet for people seeking counsel and healing. “I work with a lot of people in high pressure jobs” she says. Besides the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries, her practice now extends to C-suite executives in finance, technology, hospitality and real estate.

A celebrated author with a growing business, Colleen still remains firmly grounded and feels blessed to be able to help others make positive changes in the world. ILO Photos/ John Isaac
“I tell my clients that to fully show up for others, you have to show up for yourself, first. I’m talking about reaching for a level of ‘healthy selfishness’ because it’s mostly people with kind hearts that end up getting sick and taken advantage of.”

Always an empathetic and sensitive person, Colleen sees herself as a mirror for her clients in business and entertainment, helping them listen to what they really need. “We are all the seeds of our own universe” she says. “If I can help people in high-pressure jobs change, they are going to make different decisions, talk to their employees differently and that will go right down to the level of how they deal with their families.”

While Colleen describes herself as an “outlier” she recognizes the growing acceptance of spiritual practice and healing, especially in terms of mental health in the workplace. “Instead of being celebrated, mental health been stifled at work” she says. “When an issue comes up in these high-pressure arenas, people need to be supported in their mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic health.”

And when she helps people tap into their own inherent intuitions, she says they make better choices for themselves and everybody around them. “It’s the ripple effect” says Colleen.

“As you see a person living their life differently by taking care of themselves, the people around them will start to do the same. I feel really, really blessed to help people do that.”