Celebrating the Remarkable US Women - Dignity At Work - International Women's Day 2020

Feature | 08 March 2020


In celebration of International Women’s Day, the ILO Office for the United States (ILO USA) is featuring some of the talented and remarkable women we have met across the US during our “Dignity at Work: The American Experience” photo initiative.

From very diverse backgrounds and life experiences, these women are leaders at all levels and are achieving success in their lives as well as giving encouragement to young women and girls for better lives. The quiet humanity, dignity and focus they bring to their work and daily lives embodies the ILO’s pursuit of social justice and decent work. On International Women’s Day, ILO USA applauds these amazing women who are leaders for today’s society and an inspiration for tomorrow’s leaders.

Nanne Kennedy

Owner,  Meadowcroft Farm/ Seacolors Yarnery – Washington, ME
Nanne is a sustainable famer who raises fine wool sheep, and produces artisanal wool clothing. To achieve the deep and warm colors of her yarn, blankets, and sweaters, she has pioneered eco-friendly fabric dyeing using seawater and all-natural colorings. Nanne, a first rate policy specialist on farming practices and indefatigable social justice advocate, is committed to keeping all inputs of her soperation to a 5-hour radius from her farm to reduce environmental impacts.

Colleen McCann

Healer/Shaman – Santa Barbara, CA
Colleen found success from the very start of her career in the exciting and face paced world of fashion. After several unique life experiences, she realised that her gift was in healing and further developed her deep empathy and ability to connect with people on many levels. Colleen’s gifts and awareness continue to improve people’s lives and, by doing so, reaches countless people who also benefit from the understanding and peace she is able to bring to those she connects with everyday.

Carol Carter, Elise Tran and Carli Rodriguez

Global MindEd Leaders – Denver, CO
After a successful career in corporate America, visionary Carol created Global MindED that assists first generation and underrepresented college students achieve career success though professional skills development, access to resources and mentorship. Elise and Carli are Global MindED Leaders and are, respectively, working as an engineer and soon to graduate with a degree in Environmental Engineering.

Nuri T Wernick

Entrepreneur, Rising Wolfe Garage – Manhattan, NY
Nuri and husband Michael are owners and creators of Rising Wolf Motorcycle Parking Garage which is a friendly, secure, and congenial atmosphere where like-minded people could share tech-tips, help one another wrench, and gather for group rides. As a serial entrepreneur growing up in NYC, Nuri was always generating new business ideas and continues to be a force in the art, cultural, music and food scene there.

Stephanie Arnett

Teacher, LeBron James Family Foundation I Promise School – Akron, OH
In an energetic classroom, buzzing with questions and dialogue, Stephanie has masterfully created a respectful learning environment for the students. As a beloved teacher, mother, volunteer and community leader, Stephanie lives everyday to the fullest and emboides the importance and commitment that women who play multiple roles in society have in making the biggest impact on our future.

Rev. Harriett Walden and Police Chief Carmen Best

Mothers for Police Accountability. Community Police Commission – Seattle, WA
Harriett has been a vocal advocate for peace and justice and helps educate and network with other community organizations interested in civil rights. Carmen has served with distinction at the Seattle Police Department for 28 years. Together, they are developing social policies for better outcomes and service to the community through communication and mutual respect which make Seattle the vibrant and multi-dimensional city that it is today.

Sabra Kauka

Cultural Practioner, Island School – Lihu'e, HIhttps://www.pbshawaii.org/long-story-short-with-leslie-wilcox-sabra-kauka/
Sabra strives to honor the place Hawaiian values have in our modern world. As a cultural practitioner and teacher on Kauai, she helps sustain and perpetuate Native Hawaiian traditions by sharing her knowledge with future generations. The energy and warmth that one senses when you meet Sabra makes you feel that you are in the presence of a true leader and one of those once in a lifetime personality who is helping improve our society through understanding.

Kai Bussant

Hat Milliner/fashion designer - New Orleans, LA
Kai is a designer hailing from New York. Her studies began at the tender age of 4 when she was left to her imagination with a piece of fabric, needle and thread. Moving to New Orleans and working as a designer and millner was a dream come true and she looks to energizing the world of fashion. The future is bright for this up and coming designer.

Carina Van Vliet

CEO, Cleveland Council on World Affairs – Cleveland, OH
Carina is an author and teacher of economics and served as a Political Affairs Officer at the United Nations. She now heads the Cleveland Council on Wold Affairs, providing a vital forum for dialogue to inspire and inform people in Cleveland and in Ohio on important international issues. Carina is a strong advocate for promoting the rights of working women and value of supporting families to succeed in life. 

Barbara Tannenbaum

Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Brown University – Providence, Rhode Island
Always a favourite of her students, Barbara teaches young future leaders the techniques of persuasive public speaking in a way that inspires them long after they graduate from Brown. Barbara, a “born teacher” and “literary social worker”, uses her vast expertise and the Aristotelian tradition of audience-centered communication to help empower women globally and build their confidence for success.

Christina Cannarella

Founder & CVO of Mother Road Studios
Christina is true champion for inclusive societies and has created a welcoming place to help young women and men, parents and friends to enrich their lives by creating opportunities through expressive art, fashion and entertainment. As a nurse, a mother, volunteer and civil society leader, Christina tirelessly and selflessly makes positive contributions to her community and the many families who have joined her. We honor Christina on International Women’s Day as a remarkable person who fights for the rights of all in society.

Megan Mears

Pathology Research Assistant, University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston, TX
Megan, in pursuit of an advanced medical degree in a discipline that is growing, is focused on vital research to help develop a vaccine against a serious virus, CCHFV. Although her work and research which deals with some of the most dangerous viruses in the world, Megan has a committed herself to this long-term vision that will benefit millions of people that she may never meet over many decades to come.

Eva Walker

Host, KEXP – Seattle, WA
For many young aspiring artists and entertainers, Eva is fulfilling a dream as a singer and an on-air Host at Seattle’s leading new music station KEXP. Known for their live concerts with new artists, Eva hosts many performance segments and demonstrates her broad knowledge of music and influences. Eva energetic personality and passion for music inspires countless people in Seattle and beyond giving them joy as they listen to her during their everyday work.

Phuong Dinh

MBA-HA, University of Colorado Medicine, Office of Value Based Performance -  Denver, CO
Early in life, Phuong knew that medicine for many reasons would be her future. Now, as a new mother, Phuong manages a value-based, patient-centered program at CU Medicine for primary care and internal medicine. When meeting Phuong you realise that she is compassionate and dedicated professional with an engaging drive to improve the lives of women, men and children everywhere and brings a sense of mission to her long days and hard work.

Laura McConnelly

Chef, Farestart – Seattle, WA
The importance of having a skill for gainful employment is paramount to Chef Laura at FareStart where they have been helping people transform their lives through food. Laura is exacting with her trainees on learning fundamental culinary skills which has served them well in securing work and transforming their lives for the better.