Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 85

Evaluating the effects of the structural labour market reforms on collective bargaining in Greece

The present report assesses the social and economic impact of the changes in the regulatory framework of collective bargaining in Greece.

In assessing the impact at firm, sectoral and cross-sectoral level the report seeks to identify what arrangements can be compatible with the goals of promoting sustainable and inclusive growth. Methodologically, the report has been compiled by relying on a number of tested deskbased and empirical research tools utilizing published quantitative data, mining our existing qualitative data and conducting new empirical research in the service sector. The report builds on a legal analysis of primary and secondary sources, a state-of-the-art review of economics and comparative industrial relations research, a quantitative (descriptive) analysis of collective agreements, analysis of interview data with key informants plus documentary material at sectoral/occupational level, and original casestudy evidence at company level. In parts, the report relies on and updates research already conducted by the team on the crisis-related measures affecting labour market regulation and their potential implications for joint regulation via collective bargaining.