Wage bargaining: training tool

Welcome to ILO’s training module on collective bargaining of wages!

This is a self-paced learning module which will allow you to:
  • Revise the fundamentals of collective bargaining
  • Analyse the key aspects of wage bargaining and its links with productivity in the private sector
  • Become familiar with practical examples of negotiated payment systems, wage structures, wage composition and wage bargaining coordination as well as with the types of information used by the social partners to support their negotiations
  • Discover how wage bargaining is being used to tackle the gender pay gap as well as to respond to crises and adjust to the economic cycle and to the enterprise life cycle
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Note: 'Self-paced' means this learning module is designed for you to learn at your own speed without an instructor. You will be able to move freely between the different units using the menu on the left, stop and retrieve from where you left, and come back to the module at any time.