【12/16】 ILO-JCA Joint Webinar

TSUNAGARU by Social & Solidarity Economy

"Tsunagaru" is a Japanese term meaning "bridging" or "solidarity".
This webinar will help deepen our understanding of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) through international experiences and reports on SSE practices in Japan. Please join us!
  • Date and time: Thu. 16th December, 15:00-17:15 (JST) &7:00-9:15 (CET)  / Webinar (ZOOM)
  • Organized: ILO Office for Japan / Japan Cooperative Alliance (JCA)
  • Supported: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) (TBC) and the Japan Association for the Advancement of ILO Activities
  • Language: Interpretation in English and Japanese will be available throughout the webinar
  • Application: Please apply through Registration Form by Tuesday 14th December.  Webinar link and seminar materials will be sent to the applicant's e-mail address.
  • Free to participate
  • Target Audience: Cooperatives and other SSE stakeholders interested in SSE and ILO activities, researchers, students, etc.
Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE)

At the upcoming 110th International Labour Conference (ILC) in June 2022, the ILO will hold a General Discussion on the “Social and Solidarity Economy for a Human-Centred Future of Work and Recovery from the COVID-19”. In recent years the SSE is gaining momentum and recognition both nationally and internationally as a driver of inclusive and sustainable economic development and recovery.  For more information on the SSE, click here


Opening remarks:
Mr. Shinichi TAKASAKI, Director, ILO Office for Japan

Keynote speeches:
- Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in the World and ILO's Efforts
Mr. Jürgen SCHWETTMANN, ILO Consultant

- The Present and Future of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in Japan
Prof. Kentaro ITAMI, Hosei University Graduate School for Social Governance

Panel discussion:

Deepen the Understanding of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) through Community Practices


Closing remarks:
Mr. Masahiro HIGA, Senior Managing Director, Japan Cooperative Alliance (JCA)

Contact: ILO Office for Japan (tokyo@ilo.org)