SKILLS for Employment Policy Brief

Skills for a greener future: Challenges and enabling factors to achieve a just transition

This policy brief draws the attention of policy-makers, social partners, training providers and civil society organizations in both developed and developing countries to the essential role of skills development policies in advancing the sustainable transition to a greener future. Building on the brief Greening the global economy: The skills challenge, published by the ILO in 2011, it draws on the new findings published in the report Skills for a greener future (ILO, 2019c) and reviews the progress achieved since 2011. The report, based on qualitative analysis and empirical research across 32 countries and modelling in two global scenarios (energy transition and circular economy), draws on policy-applied research and numerous case studies of country experiences and good practice conducted in collaboration with the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) to provide new insights into likely occupational skill effects in declining and growing industries by 2030 and analyse countries’ progress in policy implementation.