International Conference on Innovations in Apprenticeships: A skilled workforce for the Future

Conference highlights


Apprenticeships, or the learning of a trade from a master craftsperson, is traditional method of skills development. In fact, apprenticeships date back to the late Middle Ages. Throughout time, they have evolved in response to changing skills needs, as well as advancements in technology and pedagogy. As a result, this form of passing on skills from an older generation to a new one has enabled apprenticeships to continue to be relevant and effective thanks to their continued innovations in response to new economic, social, and labour market changes. Yet, if apprenticeships are to continue their journey of evolution, what innovations will we witness given various contemporary challenges? Would they adapt to the skills requirements of the fourth industry revolution, climate change and sustainable development, labour migration and other social challenges such as increasing income inequality?

The International Conference on Innovations in Apprenticeships to be held from 4-5 July aims to deepen discussions on initiatives at global, regional and national levels in order to facilitate such innovations on work-based learning systems.

Objective of the event and target participants

The ILO in collaboration with the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, the OECD and the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN), has invited representatives from governments, the social partners, partner international and multilateral organizations, the private sector and civil society, as well as academic experts and practitioners to:
  • Share and promote innovative approaches to apprenticeships responding to contemporary challenges
  • Provide opportunities to deepen collaboration among key actors of apprenticeships at global, regional and national levels

In addition, the event will launch a new report entitled “The ILO Survey Report on the National Initiatives to Promote Quality Apprenticeships in G20 Countries”. The survey was conducted between September and December 2017 as an ILO initiative to take stock of and widely share good practices in apprenticeships. It was motivated by the G20 Initiative to Promote Quality Apprenticeships adopted by the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers in Beijing in July 2016, and subsequently endorsed by the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Hangzhou in September of that year.


The event also welcomes the participation of self-funding officials and social partners from non-G20 countries, representatives from international and civil society organizations, academic experts and practitioners.

Video Recordings

Day 1:
Opening Remarks and Launch of the ILO Survey Report of National Initiatives to Promote Quality Apprenticeships in G20 Countries / Session 1: Opportunities and Challenges for Quality Apprenticeships - What's Next for This Model of Learning?

Session 2: Innovations and Opportunities for Quality Apprenticeships – A Response to the Keynote Address.

Session 3: Reforming Apprenticeship Systems – The Challenges / Session 4: Effective Examples of Global and Regional Initiatives to Strengthen Apprenticeships.

Session 5: How Do Local Stakeholders View Apprenticeship Reform?

Day 2:
Session 6: Presentation on ILO Survey Report of National Initiatives to Promote Quality Apprenticeships in G20 Countries and Tripartite Panel Discussion.

Plenary Session. Representatives of each parallel session will present a summary of the discussions.

Session 8: Apprenticeship Innovations from the Global South. / Session 9: Apprenticeships and the Future of Work / Closing Remarks