A Resource Guide for Sector Skills Bodies

Sector Skills Bodies (SSBs) aim to increase and strengthen the involvement of industry in the way skill systems are governed and operate. This Resource Guide has been developed for those organisations and individuals involved in the establishment of sector skills bodies. It covers the issues that need to be addressed when establishing and operating tripartite SSBs, examines the different mandates and structures that have been adopted internationally and presents a number of key actions that will improve the likelihood of sustainable SSBs being established. The resource guide presents the findings of existing research on SSBs and draws on the experience from ongoing ILO country level support to constituents involved in establishing or reviewing sector skills bodies. SSBs have a long history in many countries and they are now attracting renewed attention as more countries adopt a sectoral approach to skills development. This guide aims to ensure that these bodies are established as truly representative bodies of the sector or sectors, with a clear mandate and with adequate support to implement the roles and responsibilities they have been given.