26-29 January 2016

Tripartite Sectoral Meeting on Occupational Safety and Health and Skills in the Oil and Gas Industry Operating in Polar and Subarctic Climate Zones of the Northern Hemisphere

The purpose of the Meeting was to discuss Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and skills, and more specifically: OSH challenges unique to the work environment (such as those caused by low temperatures) and possible solutions; health protection and access to medical care in remote and isolated areas; working time arrangements; OSH training to promote a preventative safety and health culture; and recruitment, retention and career development schemes and industry-specific vocational education and training (VET) strategies.

The scope of the Meeting covered as well all oil and gas operations that are being carried out in the polar and subarctic regions of the Northern hemisphere. It thus covered workers engaged in the operation and maintenance of the oil and gas equipment and structures as well as the service activities ancillary to these operations (for example, specialized services companies, catering, transport by air or supply vessels and emergency response services).

For more information on the purpose and scope of the Meeting, please refer to paragraphs 7-22 of the document of the Governing Body (320/POL/5).

The Meeting adopted:

Information related to the Meeting: