Social Protection Interagency Cooperation Board (SPIAC-B). Joint Statement on the Role of Social Protection in Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

SPIAC-B is composed of 25 intergovernmental agencies and 10 government bodies. 11 civil society organizations act as observers.

SPIAC-B members call for urgent action to:
(i) Ensure access to health services and support people in adopting necessary prevention measures; (ii) Ensure income security and access to essential goods and services and protect human capabilities
and livelihoods; (iii) Prioritize the most vulnerable; (iv) Mobilize substantial domestic and international financing to protect and enhance fiscal space for health and social protection in all countries; (v) Ensure continued/scaled up and coordinated
delivery capacities of social protection and
humanitarian crisis response programmes (vi) Design crisis response measures also with a view to strengthening social protection systems in the medium- and long term.