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Domestic workers

Decent work for domestic workers in Asia and the Pacific: Manual for trainers

Invisible and undervalued no more! Domestic work is now recognized as a true occupation and domestic workers have the right to decent work, respect and dignity just like all other workers. These principles are now enshrined in international labour standards aimed at improving the working and living conditions of the millions of workers - many of them women and girls, and often migrants - caring for the families and households of others.

This manual for trainers presents the voices, experiences and visions of domestic workers. It aims to stimulate reflection and discussion on domestic work and how domestic workers and their allies can work together towards realizing their objectives. The manual consists of three modules:
- Domestic work: Work like no other, work like any other
- Decent work for domestic workers: What is it and how do we get there?
- Decent work for domestic workers: Action now!

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  • Ramos-Carbone, Elsa


  • ISBN: 9789221262442