Eliminating the worst forms of child labour: A practical guide to ILO Convention No. 182 - Handbook for parliamentarians No. 3, 2002

This Handbook is intended to serve as a practical guide for parliamentarians in the fight against child labour. It is also a valuable resource for many others who wish to see sustainable development and human rights enjoyed by all: governments,workers’ and employers’ organizations, civil society organizations, and anyone wishing to become involved in the movement to end the exploitation of children.

Eliminating the worst forms of child labour involves a sustained combat that goes much beyond legislating: it presupposes a vision of society and of development. To be effective and sustainable, any action aimed at prohibiting and eliminating the worst forms of child labour should be inspired on the one hand by an awareness of the complexity of the economic, social and cultural issues involved; and on the other by practices that have proved effective. This Handbook aims at providing inspiration and guidance to this effect.