Guidelines for the establishment of an enterprise-level COVID-19 Task Force

The Decent Work Team for South Asia, in consultation with the Bureaux for Employers and Workers’ Activities and INWORK, have developed guidelines to inform and encourage the formation of COVID-19 Task Forces at an enterprise-level.

The guidelines are intended to provide guidance for a post-lockdown phase in which workplaces would gradually return to operations, in the absence of a vaccine having been developed. The guidelines provide a basis for a safe, peaceful and structured return to work. They also seek to reinforce the ILO’s commitment to the promotion of decent work, and respect to fundamental principles and rights at work. The Task Force is not intended to replace existing labour relations mechanisms, or as a basis for collective bargaining. These mechanisms, where they exist, may be adapted to undertake the envisaged activities of the Task Force. The enterprise-level COVID-19 Task Force would primarily be responsible for the development and joint implementation of a post-lockdown COVID-19 enterprise level plan. This plan would inform the resumption of operations by enterprises.

The plan would be specific to each enterprises circumstances and nature of business. It would identify actions for immediate implementation, as well those for medium and long- term implementation respectively. It would be informed by the ILO’s “An employers’ guide on managing your workplace during COVID-19”.