International Day of Cooperatives

Cooperatives improve the lives of people through equity: ILO DG’s video message for the International Day of Cooperatives featured in India

ILO DG’s video address at the 17th Indian Cooperative Congress.

Date issued: 01 July 2023 | Size/duration: 02:18

To mark International Day of Cooperatives, the 17th Indian Cooperative Congress was hosted on 1-2 July. 

The history of the cooperative movement in India goes back 100 years, with the first cooperative society being formed in 1904 in Karnataka. On this occasion, ILO Director General, Gilbert F. Houngbo’s video message for the International Day of Cooperatives was shared at the event. He highlighted the role of cooperatives in helping people come out of poverty and in ensuring that the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved.

Mr Satoshi Sasaki, OIC and Deputy Director, ILO DWT/CO-New Delhi also addressed the conference, where he built upon the DG's message and underlined how the Social and Solidarity Economy is an important means of localising the Sustainable Development Goals. Cooperatives can also serve as catalysts in formalising the economy while providing their members with opportunities for decent work and livelihood creation.